Introduction to Human-centred Design

Participate in the design of interactive systems in a responsible way

This online training is intended for interested people from all areas in developing interactive systems - e.g. product owner, project manager, human resources or managers. Participants gain an understanding of the human-centred design approach and procedure. Through theoretical input and practical exercises, participants will get a systematic overview of the approach, related deliverables and methods. They obtain mindset and vocabulary to argue, design, implement or decide in a human-centred way within projects.

The training (4 days, 4 hours each) is conducted by Knut Polkehn. He has years of experience in usability, user experience and human-centred design: e.g. establishing UX within organisations, providing UX services, conducting tailor-made inhouse trainings. Besides his work at artop, he is active member of UXQB and substantially involved in developing the curricula CPUX-UR and CPUX-DS.


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Online Training

26 Oct 2023
27 Oct 20223
02 Nov 2023 &
03 Nov 2023

4 modules of 4 hours

8:00 am – 12:00 am



850,00 € (for private persons)

990,00 € (for companies)

plus VAT.

We offer an early bird discount of 5% (10% for members of the German UPA) on all Usabiliyt/UX training courses if you book at least eight weeks before the start!

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