Leading Change

Strategies and Tools for Learning, Development and Innovation in Organisations

Organisational development and change are inevitable for every company to survive. Although most companies realize the "need to change", the failure rate of change projects is quite high. In this training program we will focus on understanding the dynamics and pitfalls of development projects in organisations. We will equip you with the necessary skills to face the change journeys of the future.

By first exploring the principles of culture and structure, we will dive deeply into the core of what drives organisational behaviour. Next, we will focus on the psychology of change: how to guide individuals, teams, and organisations through their development journey, so that change projects are not only communicated but designed to be put into action and be effective. As change projects are always a matter of learning the right things in the right way, we will have a module on the art of learning and how to motivate others to learn. Finally, we will deal with the management and leading of a change project. We will go into the psychology of failure and success – and how to manage both in such a way that learning from both dark and bright moments, becomes an integral part of your organisation.

What we focus on:

  • Understanding Organisations: Culture and Structure
  • Guiding Change: Individuals, Groups, Organisations
  • Empowering Learning: Growth on different levels
  • Managing Development: Failure and Success


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4 modules of 4 hours

This Academy offer can be provided as in-house seminars on request.


820,00 € (for private persons)

980,00 € (for companies)

plus VAT.

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