Startseite Academy Innovation Journey

Innovation Journey

From Ideation to Implementation

Innovations are energising, magical and sometimes even visionary. The best innovations speak for themselves. You look at them and ask yourself: Why wasn't this here before? This new idea seems so simple and clear. But innovations can be strangers for organisations. They don’t connect easily with them. This is one of the reasons why they fail; they cannot be implemented or they are changed to such an extent that they connect with the organisation by only using some parts of it. The innovation is fragmented. The basic idea or the innovative impulse is lost.

In our 3-day workshop, we would like to dive deep into the nature of innovations and organisations. With the support of the Design Thinking approach, we would like to find the blind spots of failing innovations. Ultimately, we will have an idea about how the world ticks and what is necessary in order to communicate successfully. Besides this, we will gain an understanding of the Design Thinking approach.


Sep 03-05, 2020


1.100 € (for private persons)

1.400 € (for campanies)

The offer is exempt from VAT.