Innovation and Change

In more and more companies the managerial call for "innovation" and "change" has lost its fans: employees have witnessed too many innovations come and go. Many have lost their believe in the power of change initiatives. Despite every objection, in a rapidly changing world the question of how to skillfully handle “the new” ("innovare" = renewing) is more relevant than ever. And knowledge about powerful innovation and change management strategies more valuable than ever. Since 2009, artop has done intense research on challenges and opportunities of promoting innovation and change initiatives. In studies with several hundred organisations central indicators have been identified that significantly increase the likelihood of successful innovation and change projects.


Our insights from various projects in the field of innovation has resulted in a selection of 27 field-tested methods, which we have published as a book.

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artop Open-Space - The bright side of Innovation - 19.03.2013 in Berlin

News and Articles

The link between organisational environment and organizational culture

In a recent conference paper, we examine the connection of organizational environment characteristics and corporate culture facets. It is based on our research with the modular inventory for organizational research modul_or and applied on the concept of uncertainty. Results show that organisations from rather dynamic business domains with higher demands of uncertainty are different to ones coming from rather stable, more predictable environments.

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Over a period of three years we have accompanied various companies in innovation projects from analysis to consultation to evaluation. In doing so, we have used and tested well-established methods  as well as new and innovative methods for organisational analysis and consulting.