Designing and Facilitating Effective Meetings

Support virtual communication processes in groups and teams

Effective meetings are at the core of creative and cooperative processes in any company. However, sometimes meetings are perceived as the opposite: either repetitive and redundant or as an arena to act out conflicts and tensions.

The goal is: Designing the right meeting formats in your organisation and facilitating them skilfully.

In this training program we will first explore the core ingredients of effective meetings, such as communication principles, time management and member structure. Of course, that alone does not guarantee a good meeting: moments of boredom (on the one hand) and disagreement (on the other hand) are a part of human interaction and can happen in any meeting. Thus, we will also talk about skilful facilitation as a way to moderate and balance polarities and perspectives in a group setting. Last but not least: As a lot of meetings (as well as this training program) are held in a virtual setting, we will have a particular focus on online settings.

We provide answers to the most important questions:

  • What are success factors for effective meetings?
  • How can meetings be moderated efficiently and result-oriented?
  • How do I ensure that the attention span and participation level of everyone is sufficient?
  • How can I support group dynamic processes and create a good working atmosphere?
  • How do I deal with disagreements among participants?

The training program consists of 4 virtual modules of 4 hours each. In addition, there are 3 offline phases to deepen specific topics. All modules are interactive and take place in a learning group.

Success factors of effective meetings

  • Social psychology of teams and groups
  • Establishing meeting structures and principles
  • Negotiating collaboration and etiquette
  • Basics of interactive meeting communication

From start to finish: Phases of an effective meeting

  • Phases and processes of meetings
  • Features and role of facilitation in different phases
  • Roles and responsibilities in facilitated meetings

Facilitation tools and techniques

  • Basic techniques, tools and methods for any meeting agenda
  • Dealing with particular barriers: attention span, group dynamics, interindividual conflicts
  • Features and facilitation tools in virtual settings

Individual cases, supervision & graduation

  • Supervision of participants‘ individual cases and projects
  • Feedback on participants‘ learning projects
  • Collection of best practices and lessons learned

As technical platforms, we use Zoom for synchronous activities (virtual meetings in the group) and for asynchronous work (offline phases).
The number of participants is limited to 14 people.


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4 modules of 4 hours

This Academy offer can be provided as in-house seminars on request.


820,00 € (for private persons)

980,00 € (for companies)

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