Agile Leadership

Leadership in Times of "New Work"

The saying "The times they are a-changin‘" has become more and more true in the business world. Current developments in society, technology and markets create a demand for agile ways of working and co-working in organisations. As a consequence, leaders are urged to understand and implement the corresponding principles of what is often called "new work": quick and agile communication instead of hierarchy, situational and individual feedback instead of standard operating procedures, participation instead of instructions, sharing and cooperation instead of silo mentality.

As the old concepts of leadership no longer apply, we need to re-think the nature and culture of leadership. In this 3-day workshop, we will present the psychological background for leadership in times of "new work". We will dive into the core principles of motivation, demonstrate the fundamental aspects of successful teamwork, and encourage participants to welcome "new work" as a chance to lead their organisations in these times they are "a-changin‘".


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Spring 2022


1.100 € (for private persons)

1.400 € (for companies)

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