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Our observation: Organisations in search of innovative ideas and approaches

More than ever, organisations are competing for new, innovative and effective solutions. It is not without reason that more and more organisations are establishing their own research and development departments or think tanks. The hope behind it: To develop own ideas, programs or solutions, which are not yet on the market and which can therefore bring the crucial competitive advantage.

Organisations do not always have to become researchers themselves: Good research is often close at hand. Germany enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide as a country of science and innovative research. This also applies to the fields of organisation, human resources and human-technology interaction: Which interventions foster employees to work productively even under stress? How are companies able to improve their corporate culture? How can interactive systems be designed in such a way that users can easily apply them? Research can provide new insights and approaches; alas, they often fail to find their way into practice.

Our mission: To bring practice and research together at one table

As an affiliated institute of the Humboldt University of Berlin, we are in constant exchange with excellent researchers in those areas where organisations want to develop further. artop offers a platform where organisations and researchers can exchange future-oriented ideas.

We see ourselves as bridge builders between both worlds. Practice AND Research. In the course of our consulting work, we hear the questions asked by practitioners in their daily work. And at the same time, we listen carefully when our research partners find new solutions and ideas that are suitable for practice.

Our self-perception: Why we are good bridge builders

As an affiliated institute, we feel committed to practice and to research as we are closely linked to both worlds: our consultants have personally worked in research institutions, have been involved in research projects or have cooperated with research groups. In addition, our consultants are experienced in day-to-day work with and in organisations. Our aim is to merge both worlds.


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In a recent conference paper, we examine the connection of organizational environment characteristics and corporate culture facets. It is based on our research with the modular inventory for organizational research modul_or and applied on the concept of uncertainty. Results show that organisations from rather dynamic business domains with higher demands of uncertainty are different to ones coming from rather stable, more predictable environments.

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