We offer a broad variety of consulting and training formats, specifically designed for your needs and wishes. You are kindly invited to get in touch with us so that we can begin the process of communicating regarding how to satisfy your requirements. The process begins with a kick-off meeting in which we will have the opportunity to discuss openly and clearly, thereby clarifying your expectations. In so doing, we will be able to develop a tailor-made format, guaranteeing the best support and results for you. Every offer is unique. That‘s what makes our working together so fulfilling.


As process consultants we support in making changes by contributing our expertise as organisational psychologists, our experience from more than 20 years of consulting and our scientifically proven procedures. We empower our clients to keep responsibility for their issues and to focus on goals in their activities. In our consulting services we work with individuals from management and leadership as well as with employee teams and project groups.

Human Resource

We see human resources work as a form of active participation of all those involved in human resources management, i. e. employees and management, human resources departments and external consultants. For us, it is important to develop a concerted understanding of the work requirements and role expectations of our clients. We consider the working areas of human resources strategy, personnel diagnostics and personnel development to be interdependent so they should be addressed in an integrated way.

Usability & UX

For more and more companies, the usability feature of interactive products, systems, services, along with positive user experience, have become a major sign of quality, and now play an important role in product development. We support manufacturers, service providers as well as user organisations in placing this special quality feature at the center of their efforts. From web service to mobile applications to machine control for a wide variety of companies, and from start-up to globally operating enterprise, our scientific orientation, coupled with systemic consulting expertise and practical experience in a wide range of applications, qualify us to offer highly competent training, consulting and service activities that are always tailored to our clients’ requirements.