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Please also note our extensive Academy offers in German language.

For more than twenty years, artop training programmes combine scientific insights and well proven approaches.  At artop, we practice what we preach: our participants get educated by certified professionals. As consultants, trainers, coaches, and facilitators we contribute our experience, expertise, and passion.

All training programmes are based on a 3 pillar concept. We provide research based knowledge about the field, show how to apply means and tools by testing them, and explore personal preconditions to become a professional.

The artop Academy offers

  • extra-occupational trainings regarding consulting professions
  • programmes focusing on intern functions
  • workshops

Our portfolio is characterized by:

  • proven approaches and methods
  • scientific foundation
  • practical and developmental curriculum
  • regular evaluation by participants
  • competent and experienced trainers
  • individual support for our participants

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