Start Academy Effective Facilitation of Team- and Project Meetings

Effective Facilitation of Team- and Project Meetings

Today, team work is a crucial in modern everyday work. We share knowledge, discuss findings, and make decisions in meetings and workshops. Skilled facilitators ensure a goal-oriented and efficient approach to these types of communication and effectively deal with the dynamics in the group. Qualified moderation supports changes, uses resources and achieves viable goals of the group and the individual.  Our participants learn how to develop moderation concepts and successfully implement them in different contexts. Furthermore, we take a look at typical pitfalls, learn how to deal with difficult situations, and show a best of tools.


With this form you can register bindingly for the seminar. After successful registration you will be informed immediately about the next steps. The registration includes the following information:

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In planning, appointments to follow.


1.100 € (for private persons)

1.400 € (for companies)

The offer is exempt from VAT.

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