Startseite Academy Leading Change

Leading Change

Strategies and tools for learning, development and innovation in organisations

Organisational development and change is inevitable for every company to survive. Despite most of them realize the "need to change", most change projects fail in the end. In this program we will focus on understanding the dynamics and pitfalls of organisational development projects and detecting specific organisational patterns and blind spots.

We will equip you with the skillset to face the organisational change journeys of the future. To do so we will have an eye on all levels that need to be addressed: the single employees you want to encourage to get their change resolutions started and to stick to it. The groups and teams you need to move from competition to cooperation and shared innovation. And your organisation you want to support in developing practices and processes for a sustainable organisational transformation - so that learning from both failure and success can become an integral part of your organisation`s journey towards future.

Extent of training:
Seven modules, 104 training hours

Overview of modules:

(1) Understanding: organisational theory
(2) Recognizing: patterns, blind spots, and new perspectives
(3) Learning: individual growth
(4) Developing: team empowerment
(5) Innovating: organisational transformation
(6) Perceiving: failure and success
(7) Coaching: feedback on individual projects


Start January 2021


7.500 € (for private persons)

9.000 € (for campanies)

The offer is exempt from VAT.