What we focus on

1. Understanding: organisational theory (2 days)

  • System theory as a fundamental approach for stability and flexibility
  • Areas and drivers of change, readiness for change
  • Theories of change

2. Recognizing: patterns, blind spots, and new perspectives (2 days)

  • Stages of change, human reactions on change
  • Holistic change architectures
  • Role of change manager

3. Learning: individual growth (2 days)

  • Psychology of learning and self-actualization
  • Motivation and gratification
  • Learning targets and programs
  • Effective learning tools

4. Developing: team empowerment (2 days)

  • Team maturity and team building
  • Team composition, roles, and dynamics
  • Communication and cooperation in groups
  • Effective empowerment tools

5. Innovating: organisational transformation (2 days)

  • Organisational learning and learning organizations
  • Innovation management
  • Effective transformation tools
  • Perceiving: failure and success (2 days)

6. Research on success factors and sustainability

  • Change project management
  • Expectations, performance, and responsibility

7. Coaching: feedback on individual projects (2 x 0,5 days)

  • Review of architecture, formats, and tools
  • Reflexion of the role, performance, and frictions


Start: Fall 2022


7.500 € (for private persons)

9.000 € (for companies)

The offer is exempt from VAT.

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