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Coaching is the core competency in modern jobs and organisations. Many roles such as Project Managers, People Leaders, HR Managers, Organisational Developers, Team Leaders etc. demand coaching competencies. In particular, this means creating sustainable and trustful relationships with others and conducting intense solution-oriented discussions where individuals experience helpful impulses for their challenges. Therefore, individuals, teams, and organisations are in the focus of our Gestalt-systemic coaching approach.

The aim of the training is to develop the personal resources and skills of the individual participants in an application-oriented manner, in addition to the methodological know-how and basic competencies. The artop Coaching Training Programme has existed since 2001 and is approved by DBVC, Germany`s leading coaching association. It has been offered in English since 2021.

Scope and formats

The training is structured as follows:

  • Ten training modules (distributed over 26 days and 184 training hours) over a period of approximately 12 months
  • Case supervision (two appointments of four hours each)
  • Participation in peer group meetings between modules
  • Hands-on coaching experience and logging of at least 30 hours
  • First interview: This takes place before the training contract is signed and is part of the admission process (1.5 hours)

The scope of the training amounts to a total of 193.5 hours of contact time.

Target group

The artop coach training is aimed at:

  • Organisational and people development managers
  • Consulting professionals (personnel and management consultants)
  • Managers and professionally experienced career changers

A university degree and several years of professional experience are required for successful training. We also require that participants have basic communication skills in professional relationship management (feedback, active listening, questioning techniques).

Since 2001

Please also note our extensive and long time proven
Training in German language.

The artop Coaching Training Program has existed since 2001 and is approved by Germany`s leading coaching association DBVC.

artop has the status of Educational Provider for Business Coaching within the IOBC, an international organization for professional coaching with the exclusive focus on business coaching and leadership, registered in Germany.


8.900 € (for private persons)

10.900 € (for companies)

The offer is exempt from VAT.

Next Start: 16 Sep 2024