Start Academy Systemic Coaching

Systemic Coaching

Strategies and tools for learning, development and innovation in organisations

Coaching is the core competency in modern jobs and organizations. Many roles e.g. Project Managers, People Leader, HR Manager, Organizational Developer, Team Leader etc. demand coaching competencies. In particular, this means creating sustainable and trustful relationships to others and conducting intense solution-orientated conversations where people experience relevant impulses for their challenges. Therefore, people, teams, and organizations are in the focus of our Gestalt-systemic coaching approach.

The aim of the training is to develop the personal resources and skills of the individual participants in an applicationoriented manner, in addition to the methodological know-how and basic competencies. The artop Coaching Training Program exists since 2001 and is approved by Germany`s leading coaching association DBVC. In 2021, we will offer this the first time in English.