modul_or: a scientific tool for organisational analysis

We invented a questionnaire called Modular Organisational Research Inventory (modul_or), which assesses different levels of a firm's workforce: organisational culture, leadership styles, team climate, and motivation simultaneously. The instrument is based on the AGIL model from Talcott Parsons (1961) and evaluates four facets of each level. These facets can be arranged on two dimensions: Stability vs. Flexibility as well as Internal vs. External focus. The model holds the assumption that all four poles should be evenly represented in an organisation’s culture for high organisational effectiveness.

Firstly, the survey tests for the four cultural facets Adaptation, Course, Trust, and Participation. Furthermore, we integrated leadership styles. The survey tests whether leader behaviour supports organisational cultural facets. Also, we integrated the group level by asking participants if team climate promotes Outcome, Innovation, Quality, and Cohesion. Lastly, on individual level, we included scales for Sense, Change, Competence and Satisfaction.

The survey exists in German, English, French, Spanish and Turkish language in order to cover a variety of participant’s mother tongues.