In addition to our consulting and training business, we at artop, as an affiliated institute of  Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, are also primarily active in research. We see ourselves as bridge builders between practice and research. In our consulting work, we listen to the questions that are important to representatives from the field in their everyday work. We work on these questions in our research projects under the highest standards of quality criteria for good research and with the aim of generating relevant answers for practice.

Psychological Safety – Emergence and Measurability

  • Teametry - How does psychological safety develop in teams?
  • PS - Cause or effect of success in the team? How can psychological safety be measured validly?

Coaching Survey Germany

  • Personality of Coaches
  • Coaches and Narcissism
  • Use of methods in coaching

Effectiveness of Counselling Interventions

  • Effectiveness of systemic interventions in the context of work and organisations
  • The Gestalt approach in organisational counselling

AI-assisted Online Video Interaction

  • Eye contact simulation and relationship quality
  • Eye contact simulation and person perception

Organisational Culture

  • Interrelationship analyses between organisational culture, leadership repertoire, team climate and individual motivation
  • Diversity of groups of people and organisations

To the research area

modul_or: Organisational Analysis


Fields of Research

We walk our talk. We also conduct our own research on many of the issues that concern us in our consulting activities.

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