Accompanying Research

With our accompanying research, we pursue the goal of using data and information to assess the effectiveness and benefits of internal organisational measures and programmes in order to adapt them if necessary and to develop follow-up measures. Together we answer questions such as: Which personnel development instruments promote the ability to innovate and change in my organisation? What influence does our organisational culture have on this?

Particularly in the case of long-term strategy and change projects, some organisations would like to take stock of the progress of the project. Accompanying research can provide such a stocktaking. Science offers approaches to investigate these and other questions in a well-founded way. With the help of scientifically tested analysis and evaluation instruments, accompanying research offers the possibility of visibly presenting and measuring project developments and change processes.

Tool Development

In order to be able to effectively manage the changing demands of the working world, well-founded tools are needed that provide information about key figures, the current status quo and development potential. At artop, we develop tools such as surveys, questionnaires, tests and assessments for companies. These tools represent essential added value for organisations in order to recognise and monitor external and internal developments and subsequently make data-based decisions. Fields of application are e.g. employee surveys, questionnaires for team and organisational diagnostics, modul_or ) or competence models (e.g. Check the Coach).

Collaborative Projects

Together with our research partners, we have initiated and successfully implemented several publicly funded collaborative projects since our founding. With these projects, we have dedicated ourselves for many years, always with a scientific perspective, to central questions of organisational design, personnel development and human-technology interaction. The research of success factors for innovation and the development of various instruments for idea management have always been our main concerns.

Study Participation


In our research projects we work on exciting questions from practice. The aim of our research is to generate relevant answers that could be put into practice. Therefore, it is crucial that we also draw our data from the relevant target group.

For our research projects, we are constantly on the lookout for people
or teams who would like to participate in our research projects and thus make an important contribution to science and the progress of work and organisational psychology. 


Qualification Thesis at artop

As an affiliated institute of the Humboldt University, we accompany students on their academic path and offer opportunities to link what they have learned during their studies with our counselling practice. Students write their qualification thesis (master's thesis, doctorate) in one of our research projects, which are closely linked to our counselling practice. This gives students the opportunity to orientate themselves in their professional career and to get to know practical fields such as counselling, coaching, team development and scientific work.

With their qualification work, students do important and valuable work for the progress of knowledge in our own counselling practice. They prepare questions from our everyday work in such a way that they generate trend-setting implications for counselling practice with their qualification thesis. Their work has an influence on shaping our future.

Fields of Research

We walk our talk. We also conduct our own research on many of the issues that concern us in our consulting activities.

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