Fields of Research

Our focus: Current research activities at artop

We walk our talk. We also conduct our own research on many of the issues that concern us in our consulting activities. Currently, in particular on the following topics:

Professionalisation of Coaching

Since the turn of the millennium, coaching as a person-centred consulting format has spread, developed and established itself in many places. Almost every organisation and company uses coaching – at least sporadically – as a personnel development instrument.

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Failure Management

Failure is one of the last major taboos of modern times. Since 2012, the artop consultant Dr. Sebastian Kunert investigates intensively this phenomenon.

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Innovation and Change

Since 2009, artop has done intense research on challenges and opportunities of promoting innovation and change initiatives. In studies with several hundred organizations central indicators have been identified that significantly increase the likelihood of successful innovation and change projects.

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Contact Design in Interaction Systems

Human communication and interaction, be it in relationships of two or more people, in groups, teams or organisations, is influenced by individual contact behaviour and can be described over time.

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