New publication: Strategies in Failure Management

artop, Failure Management

In a few weeks the time has come: the book Strategies in Failure Management by artop consultant Dr. Sebastian Kunert published. The volume includes a number of authors and topics, is published in English language and provides a comprehensive overview of failure in the world of business. Setbacks, pitfalls, flops and disappointments in companies, in management or consulting – experts from various fields examine the topic from different perspectives. They provide empirical findings and relevant case studies.

The book is divided into two major parts. The first gives insights into the corporate world: failure is reflected here in the context of organizations, innovation, projects, teams, leadership, human resources development, start-ups, public relations and intercultural cooperation. The second part expands the focus and addresses failures beyond the enterprise: here it is considered together with consulting, coaching, networks, voluntary work, public institutions, burnout, design, technology, sport or theater.

We are looking forward to providing further information about the book and the authors as well as additional material.

Strategies in Failure Management.
Scientific Insights, Case Studies and Tools.
Kunert, Sebastian (ed.):

Heidelberg: Springer 2018
ISBN 978-3-319-72757-8

With contributions from:

Thomas Bachmann, Petra Badke-Schaub, Stephan Bedenk, Martin Elbe, Uwe Freimuth, Christiane Funken, Gesiner Hofinger, Simone Kauffeld, Karin Lackner, Ann-Christine Massenberg, Harald A. Mieg, Salvatore Moccia, Florian Pommerien-Becht, Romualdo Ramos, Bernhard und Katharina Rothbucher, Claudius Schikora, Gunther Schmidt, Henning Staar, Bettina von Stamm, Carsten Tesch, Claas Triebel, Jules Thoma, Hartmut Wandke, Theo Wehner, Rüdiger von der Weth, Nora Daniels-Wredenhagen