Training must be separated from the tasks of organisational development. Structural deficits in the organisation, unresolved conflicts, or the lack of leadership cannot be remedied by a training program.

How are meetings with staff members conducted? How are customers approached and advised? How to deal with conflicts? How to effectively host a meeting? How does successful project management work? How can we handle stress and workload better? These questions are but a few examples of the extensive personal and social competencies that employees and managers have to deal with today.

We are convinced that these competencies can be developed and expanded in the training. This means learning together in the group, trying out and giving feedback, discussing together and developing ideas. This social learning under professional guidance by a trainer is still an efficient and sustainable form of competence development. However, a prerequisite for this is a description of roles and behaviour in the form of specific training goals as well as the support and transfer guarantee by the management so that a benevolent and solution-oriented learning atmosphere arises. Among other topics, we offer tailor-made training courses in the following: leadership, conflict resolution, self and time management, presentation, project management, conversation, communication, customer and service orientation, team leadership.