Innovation & Creativity

Organisations are, due to the rapidly growing pressure for change, dependent on reacting innovatively and creatively to constantly changing requirements.

The ongoing renewal is necessary to ensure the survival of the organisation in a sustainable manner, as Rubera & Kirca (2012) scientifically demonstrated in a remarkable study.

artop supports the implementation of appropriate approaches to innovation management. The range is from innovation and strategic workshops to the conception and moderation of events (innovation labs, open space), method workshops (design thinking, theory U), training of innovation managers and monitoring of projects (project coaching, evaluation).

Innovations always mean breaking new ground with creative means. Whether changing processes, new products and services, changing environmental conditions, unknown customer groups or complex research and development processes - an organisation is always striving for goals that it has not yet achieved. The most efficient way to get there is also generally unknown. This makes such an undertaking always exciting. Different facets determine the ability to renew an organisation. They range from an innovation-enhancing corporate culture through the motivating creation of an organisational strategy to experiencing and learning creative processes in the organisation.

A wide range of approaches qualify for achieving a comprehensive strategy of innovation. They should be integrated into the organisation organically. This creates a whole eco-system at different interrelated points of action. As shown in the illustration of the "Innovative Eco System", these actions are differentiated according to whether the conditions for creative action are to be promoted (context) or a concrete idea is already expected. In addition, some methods have a long-term effect (continuous), whereas others have the character of uniqueness (singular).