Team Building

Organisations consist of teams. Through team spirit and a lively team dynamic, organisations can learn to develop and generate innovations.

Working in a team creates a sense of belonging for the individual and thus represents an important building block for the identification of employees with their company or organiation. But the opposite is also the case: difficult conditions, unclear structures or poor leadership can make life difficult for team members. Conflicts, loss of leadership, dissatisfaction and mutual blaming then dominate everyday life.

For us, team development means to accompany teams of organisations responsibly and competently throughout changes, while supporting teams via team-building. At the same time, we work on content on the strategy level, processes and tasks with the team members as well as on the social processes level that generate a feeling of togetherness, team spirit and identity.

We design team development processes in advance through a joint discussion with the management. Here we decide on the objectives and procedures, and choose a venue. The team workshops are designed with various team exercises, which can take place both in the seminar rooms and outside. At the same time, we are focused on the content of the team and help clarify conflicts, interfaces, responsibilities, norms and rules. The team development ends with a final discussion with the management as well as the agreement on further implementation measures and possible follow-up workshops.