Mission & Culture

The culture of an organisation or company consists of the values and philosophy behind the people, structures and processes.

Culture includes all the lived informal human connections, including company politics, rituals, symbols, atmosphere, which the members of the organisation share and enact every day. Everyone knows it, yet it cannot always be described. If one wants to be part of the culture, one must experience it, and take part in it.

What makes us stand out? What determines our actions? What values do we live? How do we deal with people, time and resources? What keeps us together? What do we identify with? There could be many more of these questions. Sometimes, organisations try to make their culture explicit in the form of a model to show outwardly and internally what the organisation is and what the employees and managers are directed to achieve in their actions. Guiding principles can have a very positive effect here, if these have emerged authentically and with the agreement and participation of all concerned in the development of a positive organisational culture. Then guiding principles provide orientation and identification. Conversely, it is foolish to try and transform a negative organisational culture into a positive one by developing a guiding principle. The model remains meaningless, seems artificial, and finally disappears in the drawer.

With our experience of numerous mission building processes and organisational culture projects, we support the development and design of a positive and effective organisational culture.