Vision & Strategy

A vision and a strategy derived from this vision convey signification and meaning. Where is the journey going? What do we do here? Why do we do it like this and not in another way?

Organisations need meaning as an essential source of their existence and for the management and control of their activities. Without vision and strategy, wild growth develops. The organisation drifts, the members seek their own meaning if their organisations do not communicate a meaning. In the worst case, disorientation and chaos arise. Everyone looks in a different direction and the joint action is lost.

We help organisation navigate more strongly. This means that the entrepreneurial vision or the organisational mission is to be worked out, communicated and represented in strategic decisions. Strategic development means aligning the activities of a company or an organisation at all levels to achieve a particular goal. This is best achieved when all hierarchical levels are integrated into the strategy process and the experience of the employees is valued.