Conceptual Design & Prototyping

Solutions that have a high usability and positive user experience often seem so simple that you ask yourself whether there really was a lot of effort involved in the design. However, in addition to a modern and attractive design, the reduction of complexity, while ensuring efficient interaction, is indeed a major challenge.

  • How do you develop concepts and solutions that are highly likely to achieve usability and user experience goals?

  • How do you develop solutions that meet the user requirements for different target groups and contexts of use?

  • How do you ensure user participation?

  • How do you arrive at coherent solutions that represent a good consensus between seemingly contradictory user requirements or contrary business or system requirements?

  • How do you document solutions so that they can be implemented?

  • How do you ensure a high degree of experience of the concepts for decision-makers and translators?

We provide our customers with our psychological and ergonomic knowledge. We offer our methodological competence regarding development and evaluation of concepts as well as the application of creative techniques. With mentoring, expert advice, and workshops, we accompany designers and developers during conception and implementation.

We develop usage design specifications based on user research results and support our customers in the development of suitable functional and content specification.

In coordination with our clients, based on the identified user requirements, we design the basic usage and display concepts with the focus on information architecture and interaction design. We accompany the further elaboration of concepts by agencies.

We document our work in specifications, mock-ups or prototypes to support efficient implementation.

We conduct concept reviews on different development levels with users, experts and / or stakeholders, by applying prototypes to test usability.

We work iteratively and in regular exchange with clients and others involved in the conceptual design and implementation.