Expert Review

In order to achieve our aim of providing good usability, there are many rules and guidelines. But which of these should be applied when and how? We are familiar with these rules and guidelines, we teach them and we have developed our own through research. With us, the regular know-how has become a know-how based on experience. This is what distinguishes us as experts: we recognize interactive weaknesses right away.

We work with several experts to create expert reviews. Shared findings become the basis for improvements and recommendations for action. We always keep the context of use and the target group in mind in order to improve the quality of an interactive system. We substantiate our findings.

The subject of an expert review can be a first screening of concept ideas. If the system is further developed, the information presentation and / or the interaction design can be the focus of the review. We master all current review methods from the Cognitive Walk Through to the Heuristic Evaluation. The ten heuristics according to Nielsen and Molich are usually extended by the 14 principles defined in the usability quality model of the DIN EN ISO 9241 series.