Start Consulting Usability & UX Strategy & Change

Strategy & Change

We support companies in developing a UX-specific strategy, identifying the necessary change requirements, making the change itself productive, and minimizing friction losses.

Questions, questions and more questions!? What strategies can companies develop to meet their usability & UX-specific goals? What are UX-specific goals and how do they relate to the business models? How can the connectivity of usability / UX projects to existing development processes and quality gates be ensured? What happens when a new software is introduced into our company? Do we have to take action to deal with the implications of the introduction?

Such questions influence many companies. But one thing is clear: we have to be agile in our approach, for usability is always an important aspect.

According to the motto: "Software design is organizational design", we work with systemic concepts with and for our clients on topics, such as strategy or team development, monitoring and management of change. We moderate workshops, accompany clarification processes, mediate conflicts and develop teams.