Expert Consulting

We have the theoretical knowledge from research and teaching as well as many years of practical experience from our consulting projects. We provide the appropriate answers to difficult and complex questions.

As psychologists, consultants, scientists and trainers, we are often asked for our opinion on a wide range of issues. Some examples:

  • Is it reasonable for the user if our control panel has two seconds of response time to an input?

  • What is known through research about attention control and attention tracking?

  • We have difficult conditions and little access to our customers. How can we still do user research?

  • How is a good interview conducted?

  • What should be considered when preparing and conducting a usability test?

  • How do we meet valid user requirements?

We provide our customers with our knowledge and methodical know-how. We advise usability teams, development departments, board members and management, agencies and service providers concerning issues related to the areas of work and technology design, human factors and ergonomics, usability and user experience, as well as the integration of user experience and usability engineering in business processes from innovation management to system development and quality assurance.

Whether it is the planning of the methodical approach in user research in difficult conditions or the establishment of regular usability tests in a start-up, whether a company wants to develop internal know-how or to accompany its own activities critically - our experts support them with long term experience.