Personas & Scenarios

Human centered design focuses on people who, with their individual and different goals, interact with interactive products, services or systems in a variety of situations and contexts. Personas help to form comprehensive models about users and thus to describe user groups in an accessible way. When personas operate in scenarios, the context of use is also experienced.

Based on user research results, we develop personas and scenarios that help determine and describe user groups and the context of use for the system that has to be designed. Taking into account the user perspective, we work to invent the future, securing early experience of innovative solutions in order to make necessary decisions about system and user interface and design. Our approach is user centered. For activities such as paper prototyping workshops or usability tests we not only assist in the recruitment of the right people, but also in formulating the right questions and tasks. In the process from conception to development as well as in cooperation with other departments from marketing to sales, we always have a common image of users and context of use in mind.